Our team

Larissa Kuroki
Content and Methodology Analyst

Larissa Kuroki has a degree in Environmental Engineering from São Paulo State University (UNESP, acronym in Portuguese), where she was collaborator in the Environmental Education Network and obtained a scholarship to teach on a community course lead by the university. She has volunteering experience in education and educational event organization and published an article on the environmental assessment of Permanent Preservation Areas using geographic information systems.

Fernanda Iwasaka
Content and Methodology Analyst

Fernanda Iwasaka is a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from Unesp, have studied at the University of Coimbra in Portugal and carries a master’s degree in Production Engineering from the São Carlos School of Engineering at USP. She chose Public Policies and Circular Economy as the research field, working on projects and activities in the area during the development of her dissertation.

Bruno Yamanaka
Leader of Content and Methodology projects

Bruno Yamanaka has a degree in Environmental Engineering from UNESP, where he worked voluntarily at the Academic Center of the course and at the Academic Group of Environmental Initiative (GAIA), developing socio-environmental projects with the community. In addition to other volunteer work outside the university, he has already worked in the area of waste management and engaged in a course focused on energy systems abroad.