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Akatu’s 2018 Survey outlines the conscious consumption Brazilian background

The survey reveals that now it is a time to recruit consumers who are still at the beginning level of conscious consumption to incentivize them onto the next steps towards a sustainable consumption path

Equipe Akatu . 16:46 . 28 de May de 2019

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New year: organize your house so you keep only important things

Take advantage of the new year to declutter your house, make some small home improvements, and acquire new habits that have positive impacts on your life and the environment. Check out our tips.

. 10:43 . 03 de January de 2018

Impulse shopping: practice conscious consumption and avoid the pitfalls

We are tempted to make impulse purchases on a daily basis. On Conscious Consumption Day (October 15), we draw attention to the importance of reflecting before shopping in order to avoid unnecessary negative impacts on the environment, society, and our pocket.

. 11:15 . 10 de October de 2017

Conscious Consumption Questions

See the Conscious Consumption Questions.

Equipe Akatu . 13:40 . 26 de May de 2017