The CO2 Reduction Challenge: students develop carbon reduction projects

Young people present smart, creative and simple solutions to combat global warming.


The CO2 Reduction Challenge, launched in 2017 by the Akatu Institute in partnership with the Dow Chemical Company to stimulate and engage technical college students to create projects that reduce CO2 emissions, awarded over R$30,000 in prize money to support the implementation of the winning projects in the school community. The challenge was open to students from Salvador, Campinas, and São Paulo. “I’m proud to see our young people thinking of smart, creative and simple solutions to combat global warming. They have huge power in their hands, because they can multiply the seed of conscious consumption and promote sustainability to all around them. I hope that these and other young people who come into contact with these solutions are encouraged by the Challenge and continue studying and creating initiatives that make a contribution to combating climate change”. Helio Mattar, President and CEO of the Akatu Institute.

“Dow iis a company that develops innovative technologies and seeks solutions that address the most pressing challenges facing society today, using sustainability as a key component of business. By supporting actions like this one, which encourages our young people to innovate while at the same time pursuing sustainability, Dow is reaffirming its commitment to contributing to scientific education, advancing human progress, developing sustainable communities, and a better world”, explains Fábio Mendes, Corporate Citizenship Specialist at Dow.

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