Museu da Pessoa brings together stories about conscious consumption

One of the videos features Helio Mattar, President and CEO of the Akatu Institute, giving a testimonial.


The Museu da Pessoa gives continuity to the project Stories about Conscious Consumption. The collection of videos bringing together testimonials from people from different backgrounds features Helio Mattar, President and CEO of the Akatu Institute.

In the video “Tomada de consciência”, Hélio Matar talks about the creation of Instituto Akatu in 2001, with the challenge of changing consumers’ perceptions of environmental issues. “I have seen people have evolve, becoming more aware of the importance of the environment, of more harmonious social relations, of family life and friends. This is clearly happening”, he said. “It is increasingly unacceptable for consumers that companies harm the environment.”

Helio Mattar is a descendant of Arab immigrants who came to Brazil. Born in 1947 and brought up in the city of São Paulo, Helio lived in Bela Vista and went to Colégio Dante Alighieri, a traditional private school in São Paulo. He holds a degree in Production Engineering from the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo, where he conducted research into the economic impacts of babaçu in the Institute of Technological Research. After working in the private sector, where he was the owner of the restaurant chain América, Helio dedicated himself to the third sector, serving as a volunteer in the Abrinq Foundation and the Akatu Institute, of which he is President and CEO.

The collection Stories about Conscious Consumption is the continuation of a partnership between the Museu da Pessoa and Braskem, which began with the project Histórias que Reciclam (Stories that Recycle).


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