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Akatu’s 2018 Survey outlines the conscious consumption Brazilian background

The survey reveals that now it is a time to recruit consumers who are still at the beginning level of conscious consumption to incentivize them onto the next steps towards a sustainable consumption path

Equipe Akatu . 16:46 . 28 de May de 2019

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Social networks bring people together but generate negative environmental impacts

Active Facebook users in Brazil are responsible for emitting 30.6 tons of greenhouse gases (GHC) each year , which is the equivalent to the emissions of over 4,000 cars driving around the world

Equipe Akatu . 19:12 . 30 de January de 2019

The ocean never forgets how you dispose of packaging

A photo that went viral on social media is used to remind consumers of their role in the proper disposal of packaging.

Equipe Akatu . 09:08 . 22 de August de 2018

Conscious fashion: find out why it is important to make deliberate choices and make your clothes last longer

Have you ever stopped to think about the impacts of clothing and accessory production and disposal on people’s lives and the environment? Find out about the stages of the clothing manufacturing process that you don’t see in fashion magazines and discover the benefits of conscious clothing consumption and extending the useful life of garments

. 12:07 . 26 de April de 2018

Buy fruits that are in season and help save water

The production of seasonal fruits and vegetables requires less water and agricultural inputs.

. 14:41 . 01 de March de 2018

Healthy finances means dealing with both money and your emotions

Do you want end the year in the black and save money? For this to happen, you need to manage your money well and know how to control your emotions.

. 11:47 . 15 de February de 2018

New year: organize your house so you keep only important things

Take advantage of the new year to declutter your house, make some small home improvements, and acquire new habits that have positive impacts on your life and the environment. Check out our tips.

. 10:43 . 03 de January de 2018

Black Friday: how your mind reacts to consumption stimulus

Find out what induces impulse buying and learn how to avoid pitfalls and resist the temptation of buying something you really don’t need.

. 10:49 . 17 de November de 2017

Conscious energy consumption arrives at 10 cities in the State of São Paulo

Ações realizadas com públicos de escolas, ONGs e colaboradores da Elektro estimularam mudanças de hábito de consumo de energia para reduzir desperdícios

Equipe Akatu . 11:12 . 16 de October de 2017

Impulse shopping: practice conscious consumption and avoid the pitfalls

We are tempted to make impulse purchases on a daily basis. On Conscious Consumption Day (October 15), we draw attention to the importance of reflecting before shopping in order to avoid unnecessary negative impacts on the environment, society, and our pocket.

. 11:15 . 10 de October de 2017