Edukatu is the first conscious consumption and sustainability learning network for primary school teachers and students from private and state schools across Brazil. The platform allows teachers and students to explore specially designed educational materials (videos, reports, lesson plans, activities, games, etc.) and also offers schools the opportunity to exchange ideas and information.

In the three years of its existence, Edukatu has impacted over 175,000 people and over 23,000 students, 7,000 teachers, and 3,000 schools from all over Brazil have registered to the platform.

“Most habits, including our consumption habits, are learned during childhood and reinforced throughout life. One of the most effective ways of encouraging sustainable consumption is promoting the adoption of sustainable habits early in life, helping people to understand consumption as a practice that connects the individual to the collective and to the world and raising awareness of its impacts on individuals, wider society, and the environment. That is what Edukatu invests in”, explains Denise Conselheiro, coordinator of Edukatu.

Created in 2013 and supported by the Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Education and various public and private education networks, Edukatu is the fruit of our partnership with Braskem.

Nowadays, the project is mainly supported by Braskem and MRV Insitute.

The following organizations also support/have supported EdukatuCosta Brava; Elektro; The Cargill Foundation; Grupo Mais Unidos; HP
KPMG; Sabesp; Unilever Foundation. 

The creation of Edukatu involved education, sustainability, communications, and digital culture specialists. Its approach focuses on the internet and communication technologies, dynamizing relations and stimulating a constant exchange of information, especially within the school environment.


300,000 people impacted
42,000 people registered to the platform
30,000 students registered
8,800 teachers registered
3,800 schools registered

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