Support Akatu

You can help Akatu fulfil its mission to promote a rapid transition to sustainable lifestyles in a variety of ways.

Find out below how you can contribute.

Spreading the conscious consumption cause

Akatu produces a range of contents and methodologies that help people reflect on the impact of their consumption on the planet. These materials are a powerful tool for raising awareness, mobilizing people, and spreading the conscious consumption cause to a wider and more diverse audience. You can help us work towards our goal by sharing these contents on social media, chatting with family and friends, or putting our tips into practice at homes, work, school, and other settings.


People from all kinds of different professional backgrounds can contribute to ‘s cause. We are particularlyinterested in areas content production, such as translation, photography, video production, and design. If you are interested in volunteering, send an email to

Financial contributions

If you wish to make a donation to Akatu as an individual, you can write to Your donation will help maintain our team and structure necessary to implement our various projects. Examples of projects include: Edukatu, Brazil’s first conscious consumption and sustainability learning network for teachers and students; periodic surveys on sustainability and consumers’ perceptions of conscious consumption and corporate social responsibility; and mobilization campaigns.

Companies who identify with our mission can also support Akatu. If you represent an organization, go to “companies”, which presents our different types of partnerships. As well as supporting our projects, companies can opt for different types of “four-way” projects, tailored specifically to their sustainability needs.