Akatu in Companies

Instituto Akatu’s work with companies is focused primarily on changing consumer behavior towards the adoption of sustainable lifestyles. Through different types of partnerships, these companies seek to promote the cause in their processes and together with their target audiences, spreading the message of conscious consumption on a large scale.
We develop various initiatives together with companies in search of more sustainable production and consumption models that respect the environment and promote well-being – without casting aside prosperity.
Developing sustainable solutions matures the cause, creating conditions so that consumers have sufficient information and alternatives when buying, using and disposing of products and services.


One of our main lines of action aimed at promoting behavior changes is the development of campaigns, contents and methodologies, always with the goal of making the tools necessary to make this change more accessible. Campaigns are essential to increase the visibility of the cause, while contents and methodologies help to understand the link between conscious consumption and issues that affect our everyday lives. In addition, our studies provide important input that helps companies enhance their strategies and enable the continuous development of products that contribute towards more sustainable lifestyles.


In the new economy, consumers are increasingly demanding and aware of the impacts of their acts of consumption of products and services. That’s why another key pillar of our work is partnering with companies to deliver sustainability strategies. We design tailored programs that include activities ranging from sustainable product development to talks and lectures on a wide array of topics related to the conscious consumption cause. Another example of our work in this area is our presence on the committees and councils responsible for developing and implementing the sustainability plans of multinational giants such as Unilever and the Dow Chemical Company.

Communications for sustainability

Considered one of the key focuses of Instituto Akatu, Communications is essential for promoting the efficient dissemination of information to conscious consumers. When it comes to partnering with companies, our main goal is to develop easily understandable, light-hearted and fun marketing materials to educate consumers about specific products or services. The reputation and expertise we have gained over the last 15 years has enabled us to draw the attention of major national media outlets to key sustainability issues, such as food waste, energy and water conservation, and recycling.

Awareness Raising and Mobillization

Instituto Akatu believes that every individual has the power to transform him/herself, the economy, social relations, and nature through his/her acts of consumption. That’s why we seek to empower people by providing information and the necessary tools to put the knowledge gained into practice in their daily lives. Using different types of simple and accessible communications language, we reveal the individual, social, economic, and environmental impacts of consumption choices throughout a range of sectors. The videos, animations, images, guides, workshops, etc that we produce help people understand that individual behavior changes are essential to progress towards building a more sustainable society.


Education is a key tool for raising awareness and mobilizing people. By promoting education for children we are investing in a better and more sustainable future. That’s why we launched Edukatu, Brazil’s first conscious consumption and sustainability learning network for primary school teachers and students across Brazil, in 2013. Edukatu receives support from an array of companies and organizations that believe in the transformative potential of education in the quest to promote more sustainable consumption. Your company can also support this cause and help broaden the impact of Edukatu.